Welcome to the world of Japanese and Asian Food

You may have impressions that Japanese restaurants in Germany, such as Frankfurt, Berlin, and Hamburg, as well as other big cities in Europe only serve sushi and sashimi. However, just as sausages are not the only food in Germany, so is sushi to Japanese food. SSP delivers a variety of Japanese food for you all over  Europe.

Japanese and as well as othe Asian foods are desired in every scene such as restaurants, hotels, catering services, Asian stores, and supermarkets; irrespective of the business types. As an active import wholesale leader at  the Japanese food market in Germany, we import products from East and South East Asian courtiers such as Japan, China, Thailand, Korea, and Viet Nam as well as from the U. S. A. and neighboring countries in Europe.

In addition to our vast line up of Japanese sake (Rice Wines) and shochu(Japanese Spirit), we also carry not just well-known brand rice such as Akitakomachi produced in Japan and Kagayaki, which is produced in California.  But also various national brands as well as our own brand products originally developed by our company.

Especially, we are strongly promoting our own brand, “DARUMA Gourmet.”Now we can provide high quality products at  moderate prices through direct negotiation with manufacturers, producers, joint product development, and also direct import. At present, we carry about 150 items both frozen and dry foods. Nori, pickled ginger for sushi, sushi toppings, various types of dim-sum, and the DARUMA Gourmet series that enjoy great popularity in Europe.We continue to ensure product development, so that we can provide better quality products at affordable prices.

Besides the above foodstuff, we handle dishware and kitchenware to meet the comprehensive demands of Japanese food business.

Please feel free to ask us questions or contact us by e-mail (sales@ssp-trade.com) anytime.Our sales representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

Our company is a supplier that is specialized in wholesale. Sales of products are limited to customers who have a commercial license (Gewerbeschein). We appriciate for your understandings.

Retail customers will be refered to the nearest distributor of our products.

Our website will be updated with detailed product information including a product catalog as well as cooking recipes as soon as they are available. Please check our website on a regular basis.

All the staff of SSP